Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Room Reveal: Harry Potter Guest Room

I'm sure you've seen that I have SEVERAL posts on this Harry Potter Guest Room by now.
The "How To" for some of the creations in the room.
The "Where I Got It" for all of the magical goodies that help to make up this incredibly magic room.

But, what about the photos?  Don't you want to just SEE the entire room and oooooh and aaaaaah over it's magical-ness?

Well, let's do it!  No more talk.  I've put descriptions on some of the pictures so you know what it is {just in case you happen to NOT be a Harry Potter fan and just stumbled on my post-- which, HI!!!!!}

and!! There's a special video if you make it all the way to the end of this post.... which really means you can skip all the way to the end if you want... but it's more fun to see all of these photos first!

I would like to show you:  Our Harry Potter Guest Room <3

DIY Great Hall Lights (this DIY is explained in my "How To" post) 

Hogwarts Bed, and a view of some of the house crests

Bed, and full view of House Crests

Fat Lady and Directional Wall Decal

Fat Lady, Directional Wall Decal and Dumbledore Quote

Standing in corner of room {by Gryffindor wall decal} for view of the room

Platform 9 3/4 wall decal, Dumbledore's Army wand display, and "In This House" Quote

Great Hall Lights again

Marauder's Map Wall Decal (Firebolt hanging to the left)

Marauder's Map Wall Decal

Deathly Hallows pinhole lamp shade (actual lamp just purchased at Meijer)

Deathly Hallows lamp shade, Hedwig (she's a puppet that makes noise!) and Hedwig's cage 
Dumbledore's Army wand display- this thing is HEAVY and has legit replica wands of some great characters

"In this House" Wall Quote

Patronus wall.  Right next to the "In This House" wall and adjacent to the Directional Wall Decal

Patronus Wall <3

Lumos/Nox light switch plate {outlet cover to match is farther down}

Horcruxes- Hufflepuff cup and Tom Riddle's Diary with Basilisk Fang

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem- another horcrux

Outlet cover to match the light switch cover- House Crests.

Nagini Magical Creatures Figurine (part of the horcrux collection)

Standing in the doorway looking in 
Pensieve.  It includes a wand pen and 2 vial to collect memories.
It's actually a journal, so I MIGHT use it as a guest book for people that stay over.

House Crest Mermaid Pillows

Marauder's Map- it actually works!!!! 

Marauder's Map pillow (it glows in the dark to reveal the map)
and Golden Snitch- this is SOLID, and also a clock if you open it up!

Hogwart's Express book ends holding up some Harry Potter Illustrated editions, among other books.

Quidditch Set

Monster Book of Monsters- It really bites! You have to stroke the spine of the book to calm him down

Golden Snitch clock, and Dobby

Wizard Chess set- the entire set doesn't fit on the display shelves I have, so I improvised and tried to display the fun pieces the best way possible

Wizard Chess set

Wizard Chess Set

Tri-wizard Tournament Golden Egg, and Prefect Bathroom photo of mermaid

Triwizard Tournament cup
This actually lights up!

Odds and ends.
Canvas is a light up canvas of a Patronus.
Bottom shelf has a Deluminator, and hidden is another golden snitch that flaps its wings

Dumbledore's Cup and Fawkes

Sorting Hat- He really works! Put him on and he will sort you into your house!

Another view. This shows off the entire wall mural of Hogwarts

Same view, with the blinds open for natural light.

Hogwart's House Crest fan pull

Dumbledore's Wand Light pull for the fan

blinds open for natural light view of bed and mermaid pillows 

Blinds open with natural light view of house crests

Blinds open with Natural Light view of wall art

Standing by Platform 9 3/4 door to check out the Hogwarts Mural

Magical Creatures collection- Dobby and Fawkes

Magical Creatures Collection- Hungarian Horntail and Buckbeak

Different angle- I was sitting on the floor, haha

Natural light view of patronus wall and directional sign 

Dumbledore quote- also what I used to "announce" the reveal of this magical room on Instagram and Facebook

Felix Felicis necklace and Hermione's Time Turner necklace

3 sleepy puppies

Dreaming of Hogwarts

Waiting for his letter from Hogwart's

another Horcrux- the locket 

close up of the Marauder's Map Pillow- next photo shows you the glow in the dark parts.

Glow in the Dark fun of the Marauder's Map pillow

DIY House Points 
DIY House Points

"1/6" scale figurine of Dumbledore
He comes with the Great Hall Podium, which lights up!
He also has his Elder Wand, and the Sword of Gryffindor!

Dumbledore figurine
Showing off the light up aspects of the candles

"Aerial" view of Dumbledore figurine

Here's the special video!  It is the Facebook LIVE video from when I first revealed our Harry Potter room!

This room will be a work in progress as I continue to add magical items and other aspects from the Harry Potter books and movies.
One of the biggest things I am working on is my very own Mirror of Erised!  That will have it's own DIY post once I finish it.

So for now... enjoy the video, if you want! I seriously LOVE this room, and hope you all do too!!